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Tire Care for Commercial Vehicles Shouldn't Be Ignored

Commercial and fleet vehicles often get many miles put on their tires as they are driven almost every day. Two things matter when mounting new tires on your truck or commercial vehicle. First, you want it done right and second, you want it done fast. For the best quality service done in a timely matter, Malik Motors in Miami, FL has you covered.

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Don't Let Your Fleet Engine Fail You

Your fleet or commercial vehicles are heavy-duty machines that see a lot of wear and tear. When your engine mounts begin to fail, sometimes it feels like the whole vehicle is falling apart. Get your vehicle back into shape with the professional technicians at Malik Motors in Miami, FL.

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Out With the Old - Engine Replacement Options for Fleet Vehicles

Once you’ve determined a vehicle needs to have the engine replaced and is in good enough shape to keep on your fleet team, it’s time to find an engine. Malik Motors, Inc. in Miami is here to help you choose the right one. There are a variety of replacement options when it comes to engines and we want to inform you of them all so you can make the best decision for your fleet.

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Are Your Fleet Tires in Good Shape?

If you are responsible for a fleet of vehicles, the safety of the driver and vehicle should be your top priority. At Malik Motors in Miami, FL, we want you to be able to recognize any issue with your tires that may arise. It’ll keep you safe, prevent a blowout, and let you see for yourself whether or not a tire needs to be replaced. We've provided a short guide on what to look out for so that your tires are safe and ready to roll.

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Best Fleet Service in Town

Looking for the best fleet service in town? Why stop there? At Malik Motors, Inc., we're not only home to the best service and maintenance you'll find here in Miami, FL, but the best you'll find - anywhere. If you run a business you're aware that your fleet is your lifeline - it's your important tool for getting to work on time, and getting your job done. Fortunately, with the right care and expertise, you can keep your fleet running smooth for years to come, providing you with thousands of miles of faithful service.

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