Thank you for your honest, friendly, and quick service!

I ended up having a flat tire while on the road and pulled over to check it out. I was struggling with getting the lug nuts off because they were so tight. I walked over to Malik Motors and asked them if they would be able to loosen them up for me. The technician was so nice and had be drive the car right over so he could take a look. I pulled up and he inspected my tires which turned out to have a hole in two of them. He let me know that the tires were repairable and he could do it for me right then and have me back on the road quickly. He repaired my two tires and checked the pressure on my other two tires as well as my spare tire. The whole thing took about 15 minutes max and cost a fraction of what I was expecting it to. The best part of having a flat tire was that I ended up finding a quality shop and mechanic! Thank you Malik Motors for your honest, friendly, and quick service! You've earned a loyal customer! - Lainey L.

I am sincerely appreciative for their service.

I had an issue with my tires and Barry was able  to take care of the problem and correctly adjust my tire pressure sensors on the spot. I am sincerely appreciative for the service and I was able to get back on the road immediately. Also, the rates were very reasonable. - Roger S.

Great Service and thorough.

Great service! The car assessment is very thorough. I remember Barry wanted to double check if there was anything else that could be causing my car problems. I had the fan belt and spark plugs replaced in my car. The pricing is fair and Barry is honest. Also, the replacements did not take very long. I definitely recommend Malik Motors! - Rachael Oesterreich Google Review

Professional and kind!

The staff was professional and very kind. My family car needed a regular maintenance and they did a superb inspection and performed a qualified check of all important points in the vehicle. I recommend them without hesitation! - Sebastian Google 5 Star Review

Saved me money and found the problem. HONEST

I took my 95' S-10 with 235,000 miles to Mailk. Told him I was struggling to identify the acceleration problem and I didn't have a lot of money. He found the problem and provided a cheap plausible solution to get me back on the road quick. Saved my vacation. Truck is still running the same 6 months later. If I decide to completely redo the timing chain I will go to him. Maybe I'll just get a better truck. - Robbie Carroll

Here attending graduate school and found Malik!

I am relatively new to Miami as I am here from Ohio attending graduate school. My 2006 Scion Tc has a few aftermarket parts (including and HID conversion system) which makes it a little risky when finding a local mechanic. The left headlight was out, and the problem was higher up as the bulbs were not the problem. Barry could have easily charged more for looking into the wiring, replacing the fuses and fixing the short; however, the price was very reasonable, and some services were discounted (also had the cabin air filter and oil changed). I will definitely return to Barry for services in the future- Craig Sykes Google Review 5 Stars

I'll never take my truck anywhere else.

Malik Motors is the only place that I will take my truck. I've had numerous oil changes and both sets of brakes done here. Last time Barry even replaced a tail light free of charge - I don't know anything about cars and I lucked out in finding this place because after every job I've asked my friends if they thought I was charged a reasonable rate and every single time I've been told that I got a very good price. It's also pretty neat that Barry will show you the old parts that he's removed and explain what went wrong, and how you can avoid that problem in the future. Trust me, come here. - Jack Wynn, Google 5 Star Review

I am so happy to have found Malik Motors!

I am so happy to have found Malik Motors. I got really sick of dealing with a Ford Dealership due to them never having time to service us and making us wait hours/days/weeks for service. My company has 2 shuttle buses and we had issues with the bus. Ford refused to even look at it to diagnose. So I found Malik, Barry and Daisy were amazing over the phone to help. When I showed up to discuss my issues, they were attentive and requested I bring my bus. They immediately looked at it diagnosed it and ordered parts to fix it. Monday 9/12/16 at 1pm. Barry called me Tuesday 9/13/16 morning at 10:42 to tell me the bus was fixed. The team at this shop is amazing and wanting to help anyone possible. I will never go back to the Ford dealership I have dealt with for the past 2 years. Malik is my new mechanic and I can't be happier with the service, professionalism and honesty. I would give them a 10 star rating if I could. They just gained a new client, that has lots of mechanical issues for being so great on every level. I highly recommend Malik Motors. - Sandra Google 5 Star Review

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